Welcome to my practice

My name is Richard Nikla. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Addiction Specialist. West Coast Behavioral Therapy is a therapeutic counseling practice located in Sarasota and New Port Richey Florida. My practice gives therapeutic services to children, families, and individuals. West Coast Behavioral Therapy treats life challenges as stress, anxiety, mental health, as well as substance abuse issues. 

Please look at my website. Also, there is an additional site at the bottom of each page entitled View Mental Health, Behavioral, and Addiction Videos. This site is organized by a prologue and table of contents. On that site you will see various stress, anxiety, mental health, and addiction videos with an analysis of each issue as well as coping techniques. 

Due to emergency times, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, I am offering telehealth therapy, through Doxy.me, for admission to my practice as well as ongoing therapy sessions.Doxy.me is easy to use, safe, and HIPAA complaint. Forms can be filled out and returned by Adobe Acrobat. All email transmission will be encrypted.

Mission Statement

Therapy is both an Art and a Science . The most important part of therapy is to establish and maintain a positive relationship between the therapist and the client. The therapist also needs to keep in mind how the environment as well as the client’s medical and physical issues affect their thoughts and behavior. In my practice, I strive to establish and maintain a positive relationship with all clients to help them achieve their goals. While achieving their goals, it may be necessary for a client to discuss how past issues, that have happened in their live, affect their past and current decisions as well as future expectations. I will endeavor to help all people that I work with achieve their goals and to encourage them to develop a positive coherence between their way of life, their health and their environment.